Directing Natural Light Indoors for the Photosynthetic Apparatus

Our mission is to provide scalable energy resources to tend our environment.

We envision our company as the first to break the barriers preventing the mass adoption of optical fiber daylighting. Execution will revolve around being consciously aware of our environmental impact to foster sustainability and responsibility. Our focus is on innovative technologies and services to enhance the quality of life composed of health, education, and financial stability. Alone we strive for excellence, together we realize power.


The sun is our source of energy! Throughout the major portion of human history we have relied on the sun for light. Daylighting is an effective method to take advantage of the sun for illumination.


An autonomous robot is used to track the sun throughout the day. The machine has an on-board panel which maintains perpendicularity to the sun. Special lenses on the panel concentrate the sun's rays.

Optical Fibers

Total internal reflection is a phenomenon that allows light to travel long distances in transparent materials. Solar rays' can be funneled into optical fibers which are routed into a building for end use.


Optical fiber daylighting systems work by capturing sunlight, concentrating that light into fiber optic cables, and distributing it deep into the interior of a structure. Our cabled three degree of freedom (3-DOF) solar tracker has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and greater optical area providing more light.